Collected Writings & Presentations: David Holmgren 1978-2006 – CD

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The definitive collection of permaculture related magazine articles, conference papers, public lectures, book reviews, presentations and other work by David Holmgren from 1978 up until 2006. Available as an eBook on CD.

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Together these writings and presentations provide deeper insight into the thinking behind the Permaculture concept and an historical record of the work of David Holmgren, one of Australia’s most influential environmental thinkers.

They will be of particular interest to permaculture teachers and practitioners and provide background material referenced in Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability, David’s major work on permaculture ethics and design principles.


The eBook contains interactivity that is best viewed with Acrobat Reader (a free download available from and contains HTML content that will open up in your web browser. The software should run well on Mac OS 9.1 , Windows 95 and Linux based systems.

NOTE: The download version of this eBook is around 240MB, compressed into a ZIP archive (.zip) and may take several attempts to download successfully if you have a satellite or mobile internet connection – dial-up connections are not recommended.


  • Forty Six Articles (see list below)
  • Photographic Archive
  • References
  • Catalogue
  • Future of Suburbia video interview – approx. 7 minutes
  • Retrofitting the Suburbs: Permaculture Design for the Energy Decent Future – Powerpoint Presentation as PDF
  • Permaculture: Design Framework for Organic Agriculture in the Energy Decent Era – Powerpoint Presentation as PDF

Some non-printable free download samples are available from the list of articles below:

List of Articles:

  1. Permaculture: design for cultivating ecosystems (1978)
  2. Impressions of New Zealand (1979)
  3. An eclectic approach to the skills of reading landscape and their application to permaculture consultancy (1984)
  4. Response to draft preliminary discussion paper on the biomass potential study of Victoria (1985)
  5. Aboriginal land use (1990-92)
  6. Submission in response to a review of rural land use in Victoria (1991)
  7. Historical precedents for permaculture (1991)
  8. Gardening as agriculture (1991)
  9. Natural gardening and intensive biological gardening: Strategies for sustainable garden agriculture (1991)
  10. Whole farm and landscape planning (1992)
  11. Development of the permaculture concept (1992)
  12. Lawns, mowing and mulch in permaculture (1993)
  13. Creating a history of the Australian search for sustainable land use (1993)
  14. The permaculture movement and education: Searching for ways forward (1993)
  15. Development aid for the industrialised north turning an idea on its head or “The problem is the solution” (1994)
  16. Impressions of Israel: A permaculture perspective (1994)
  17. Wombat forest submission (1995)
  18. The Landcare movement – Community based design and action on a scale to match the continent (1995)
  19. Hemp as a wood paper pulp substitute: Environmental solution or diversion from sustainable forestry? (1996)
  20. The role of native vegetation in back yard permaculture (1996)
  21. Permaculture and revegetation: Conflict or synthesis (1996)
  22. Inquiry into pest plants in Victoria (1996)
  23. Weeds or wild nature? (1997)
  24. Starting a community: Some early lessons from Fryers Forest (1997)
  25. Energy and emergy: Revaluing our world (1997)
  26. Permaculture: Thinking and acting for sustainability (1998)
  27. Do media technologies scramble young minds? (1998)
  28. Why natural landscapes catch and store water, nutrients and carbon (1999)
  29. Tribal conflict: Proven pattern, dysfunctional inheritance (1999)
  30. The counter culture as dynamic margin (2000)
  31. The origins of permaculture at the edge (2002)
  32. Need for focus on regrowth (2002)
  33. What is sustainability? (2003)
  34. Do we need nature? (2003)
  35. Biomass fuels from sustainable land use: A permaculture perspective (2003)
  36. Essence of permaculture (2002/04)
  37. Permaculture in Japan: Foreign idea or indigenous design?(2004)
  38. Invasion biology: critique of a pseudoscience – Book review(2004)
  39. Accredited Permaculture Training: a critique (2004)
  40. Retrofitting the suburbs for sustainability. (2005)
  41. Firewood: sustainable and appropriate energy source (2005)
  42. Permaculture: Do we need principles? (2003/05)
  43. Permaculture: Design framework for organic agriculture in the energy descent era (2005)
  44. Permaculture as relocalisation (2005)
  45. Environmental visionary challenges Landcare (2006)
  46. Sawmills in the energy descent future (2006)


About the author

David Holmgren is best known as the co-originator with Bill Mollison of the permaculture concept following the publication of Permaculture One in 1978. Within the growing and international permaculture movement, David is respected for his commitment to presenting permaculture ideas through practical projects and teaching by personal example, that a sustainable lifestyle is a realistic, attractive and powerful alternative to dependent consumerism. As well as constant involvement in the practical side of permaculture, David is passionate about the philosophical and conceptual foundations for sustainability, which he explored in Future Scenarios (2009), and Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (2003/2017) and his most recent book RetroSuburbia (2018). With an increasingly high profile as a public speaker, David Holmgren provides leadership with his refreshing and unorthodox approach to the environmental issues of our time. David lives with his partner Su Dennett at “Melliodora“, a one-hectare permaculture demonstration site at Hepburn Springs, Central Victoria, Australia. Visit his web site at See David’s titles here.

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