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Getting Started in Permaculture

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Over 50 DIY projects for house and garden using recycled materials

How did they do it at Candlelight Farm?

Permaculture experts Ross and Jenny Mars outline the steps to transform your garden into a productive living system.

Getting Started in Permaculture details the development of Candlelight Farm from a bare paddock to a harmonious, productive living system using the permaculture ethics of caring for our planet and caring for people.

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A book full of practical projects and activities that you can use to implement your permaculture design.

Getting Started in Permaculture delivers step-by-step knowledge for a variety of useful projects including: making herb fertilisers, compost, organic sprays for pest control, and much, much more. It also includes how to recycle your soft drink bottles, waste paper, and tires in a number of useful projects such as ponds, fruit fly traps, retailing walls, and solar stills.

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