Melliodora: A case study in cool climate permaculture

AUD $ 15.00AUD $ 18.00


Melliodora: A case study in cool climate permaculture

AUD $ 15.00AUD $ 18.00

Showcasing David Holmgren and Su Dennett’s cool climate permaculture design over the first 20 years of it’s development. ‘Melliodora’ is one of Australia’s leading demonstration sites, particularly relevant to people on both small rural properties and larger town blocks.

Available in PDF format as a download or on CD with fold out colour poster. The original A3 book Melliodora: Ten Years of Sustainable Living is also available.

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The eBook includes all the original book text Melliodora: Ten Years of Sustainable Living (1985-1995), along with high resolution zoomable graphics and full colour high resolution versions of the photos as well as linkable new photos of key views showing the changes and growth over the following decade (1995-2005).

Built in navigation bar, jump buttons and text links allow you to cross reference, move around the eBook and get back to where you were.


The eBook works best with Adobe Reader 5 or 7 (a free download available from and contains HTML content that will open up in your web browser. The software should run well on Mac OS 9.1 , Windows 95 and Linux based systems.

Features and additional content includes:

• 150 pages of zoom-able plans, graphic diagrams, photos and text
• House thermal performance upgrade and review
• Grid feedback photovoltaic installation and performance
• Cool cupboard review and design
• Animals update including goats and soil management
• Seasonal cycle photos

Demo available here (7.7MB pdf)

The download version of this eBook is around 95MB, compressed into a ZIP archive (.zip) and may take several attempts to download successfully if you have a satellite or mobile internet connection – dial-up connections are not recommended.

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