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Trees on the Treeless Plains (eBook download)

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A revegetation manual that provides a design system approach and principles applicable everywhere to assist in the development of local strategies and design solutions.

Available in PDF format as a download.

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This design manual is a result of years of research and observation into the role and potential of trees and shrubs on farms. It addresses the transformation of broader farm landscapes through the application of permaculture principles to revegetation. The manual includes revegetation strategies and design solutions relevant to increasing and diversifying farm productivity while stabilising the landscape. It also address the public land on roadsides, stream sides and reserves.

The case study approach of the manual uses the volcanic landscapes as a focus to describe land types, local native species and to provide strategies, design solutions and species lists. It is directly relevant to some of the most valuable agricultural land in Victoria including the extensive Western Districts. A comprehensive species index of native and introduced trees and shrubs with proven performance provides a ready guide to species selection for different situations and purposes. For private and public land managers of the volcanic landscapes this manual is an essential reference.

‘…this is the only book that deals with Broadacre Permaculture systems (zones 3-5). I use this text in PDC’s when discussing Broadacre Permaculture with its great species index and range of design layouts exemplifying many key sustainable land use techniques.’ – Darren Doherty

The eBook works best with Adobe Reader 5 or 7 (a free download available from www.adobe.com) and contains HTML content that will open up in your web browser. The software should run well on Mac OS 9.1 , Windows 95 and Linux based systems.

Feature include:
• 163 pages of zoom-able plans, graphic diagrams, photos and text.
• Text links throughout
• Original photos now in colour

Free demo available here (6.9MB pdf)
pdf file in landscape format – no longer available as a CD-Rom.

NOTE: The download version of this eBook is around 55MB, compressed into a ZIP archive (.zip) and may take several attempts to download successfully if you have a satellite or mobile internet connection – dial-up connections are not recommended.


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