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A conversation series with Rowe Morrow

Globally renowned permaculture teacher, author and agricultural scientist.


How do we build the communities and mindsets needed?

How do we build
the communities and mindsets needed?

How do we build the communities and mindsets needed?

In the Introduction of Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture, Rowe shares with us an important narrative for our future planetary and societal health: the need to shift our mindsets from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Rowe writes:

“All permaculture outcomes need to be directed toward community solutions working with organisations and institutions, not solely individuals and their land. An insular approach is not enough.

We have the opportunity to become the ‘restoration’ species whose ethics, functions and skills are directed towards this aim.”

In PART FOUR of this conversation series, Rowe talks about the strength and sustainability of networks and how these help us:

  • Build community
  • Adapt to change and
  • Add meaning to our lives.
Illustration by Rob Allsop


Do you see yourself as an Earth restorer?

What does the restoration of our social and environmental health look like for you and your community?

Take some time to reflect on the social and environmental networks you are a part of.

When it comes to your social networks:

  • What ways can you gently engage and educate your community?
  • What conversations would you like to have with them?
  • What projects can you collaborate on?
  • How can you bring fun and social connection to (strengthen) your networks?

Thank you.

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