What we offer

Melliodora Wholesale specialises in making permaculture related titles from independent publishers available at wholesale prices to bookshops, permaculture teachers, groups and individuals. Most of the titles we offer are not available through mainstream channels at highly discounted prices, so retailers have a fully realisable margin and publishers get a fair return.

Purchasers must make a minimum order value of AU$150 to access the wholesale pricing, with free delivery offered within Australia for orders over AU$250.

We don’t offer sale or return on books (or other products), so your titles won’t be pulped or sold as spoiled stock. This reduces waste and decreases costs for the publisher.


Melliodora Wholesale requires a 65% discount off the ex GST RRP in order to offer a 40% discount to the customer. This margin covers our operating, packaging and postage costs. The Fair Share model that we offer works with a different discount structure. See this page for details.


Melliodora Wholesale aims to hold 6 months worth of stock based on sales figures from previous quarters (or best estimate). When room allows, we may be able to store more stock at an extra cost.

If we damage stock through mishandling (i.e. within our control), we will cover costs. We do not provide “custody insurance”. We recommend that the publisher self-insure the stock whilst it is housed at our warehouse to cover damage outside our control (e.g. flood, fire or theft).

The current monthly rates as at 1st October 2021 are: 0-2 AU$25  / 2-4 $20 / 4-8 $17 / 9+ $15 (inc GST). This is based on Standardised Book pallet with dimensions 650 x 900 x 1200 (W x L x H).


Reporting is prepared within 3 weeks of the end of each quarter which shows the quantity of titles sold, the amount of inventory remaining, the estimated stock life and the agreed purchase price. A request for an invoice is made to the publisher with the report, and once received, payment is made.

If the volume of sales is low, and the amount owed is less than $250 for the quarter, the amount may be rolled over to the following quarter. If the sales volume is below $250 for the year (or year period), a payment will be offered at the end of the year to balance the account. It is unlikely to be viable to continue offering this service with volumes at this level.

RRP / MSRP prices can be adjusted for the beginning of the following quarter. Please notify us of your intention to change pricing with at least 3 weeks notice.


We can support the publisher’s promotion of new (and existing) titles though our social media channels. You can make it easy for us by supplying images and text to support your promotion – or links to posts that we can re-post.

We have regular contact with our wholesale customers and will discuss products with the most suitable audience. We also offer the publisher free domestic fulfillment with any gratis copies of recently released titles that are used to promote the product.

Special Services​

General warehousing services such as reboxing / labeling / special deliveries are available at our warehouse rate of $59/h ex GST (as at 1/12/20), charged at 15 minute increments with a half hour minimum. Other costs, such as postage and packaging, are charged at our cost price plus 25%. Higher volume discounts are available as negotiated.