Lady Marmalade

AU$ 24.99

AU$ 24.99

Growing Food and Finding Friends

ISBN: 9780645841503
Author: Graham, Shani
Illustrator: Darby, Tim
Publisher: Ecoburbia
Format: Paperback | full colour | 36 pp
Size (mm):
297 x 210 x 4 / Weight (kg): 0.24
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Publication date: 2023

  • Lady Marmalade is a fun and engaging children’s storybook aimed at kids in the early stages of their reading development.
  • Features fantastically detailed illustrations to tell the story of real life goat, Lady Marmalade, who lives on an urban farm near Fremantle, Western Australia.
  • Contains many elements useful for early readers including rhyme and repetition (allowing for predictions about the text) and counting.
  • Includes ideas about vegetable growing and healthy eating, making friends, discovering the diversity in your neighbourhood and the concept of loneliness.
  • The book comes with a support package of extension ideas for school teachers, home educators and parents – including free colouring in sheets from the story.


Lady Marmalade is a story about how to make friends, what it means to be lonely, healthy food choices, the diversity of our neighbourhoods… and lots of goat poo.

Lady Marmalade is a goat who lives happily in the country. But what happens when she moves to the city?
Finding herself hungry and lonely, she goes for a walk and discovers a diverse range of neighbours all growing yummy food for her to eat. With the help of Mrs Barretts (growing carrots) and Patty Prettice (growing lettuce) and a host of others, she ends up with a full belly and lots of friends to invite to a party.
That’s what you hear about in the first reading… but Lady Marmalade is more than that!

The Real Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade resides at Ecoburbia, an urban farm near Fremantle Western Australia, with Tim, Shani, Coco and a menagerie of other folks. She is friendly, smart and curious. When she runs she looks a bit like the donkey from the movie ‘Shrek’. She likes eating grain, hay and all sorts of vegetables (including the ones in the garden if she can get to them). She loves cuddles and pats and enjoys being the star of this book. She also likes the idea that kids and adults who read her book will learn more about counting, reading, rhymes, veggies you can grow in your garden, and how to make friends with different people.


“I loved Lady Marmalade from the moment I saw her. There’s so much to learn when we look at life through her goggles. With good food and friends you have the world in your neighbourhood.” – Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia Host

About the Authors

Writer Shani Graham is an educator, facilitator, presenter and story teller with 30 years’ experience in sharing ideas and information to audiences of all ages. She has presented two TEDxPerth talks on community, and received a standing ovation. During her education career she was a teacher and principal of several schools – both primary and specialised schools for students with disabilities. These days she keeps goats, grows veggies and talks to her neighbours – just like Lady Marmalade! In this book she brings together her educational expertise, her enthusiasm for storytelling and her passion for urban food production.

The book is illustrated by her partner and fellow urban peasant Tim Darby. Tim is a sand sculptor and musician with a quirky sense of humour. He likes to scatter his work with details that, like hidden gems or op shop bargains, invite a second third or fourth examination once the obvious plot has been revealed.

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